Private Investigations

Medical experts recommend a second opinion  for a diagnosis of a serious illness or surgery… Isn’t that just as prudent for a case involving you or a loved one that has not been solved?

Local authorities and governments are tasked with providing for the public safety. This includes but is not limited to responding to, reporting, and investigating alleged criminal conduct or sufficiently serious or dangerous civil or mental health concerns. Unfortunately the ability of local governments to continuously maintain a full court press for every incident reported is impossible. If it is a civil matter they may have no jurisdiction to investigate it at all.

Your incident may have been an investigation that has stalled due to time, resources, or lack of leads. Our investigators will review your case and make a recommendation regarding pursuing the case privately to assist local authorities and you in finding closure for your case.

  • Runaways
  • Investigations for local governments
  • Insurance investigations
  • Attorneys (both civil and criminal)
  • Corporations requiring external investigators
  • Private party concerns
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Case review is subject to fees. A completed case review is not an acceptance of the incident for investigation. A subsequent fee schedule pertains to the investigation of an incident if accepted by the company.