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Impressive Impressions Security is Licensed & Insured.

We are Experienced in: Presidential Visits, Inaugurations, Concerts, Large Special Events, Civil Protests and Disturbances, and more.

Staffed by Seasoned Law Enforcement Officers.


Senior Executive Services

VIP Security, Special Event/Convention inner cadre safety staff, Senior Executives safety companion program, Services available in continental US.

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Travel & Meeting Security

We know how to help your meeting planners maintain access control and the integrity of your spaces for the enjoyment of your group. We can provide needed assistance to your attendees as our staff tend to be much more focused so that tour directors and planners can focus on their tasks for the event.

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Emergency Management Services

Critical Incident Response staff both administrative or operational, FEMA ICS trained through Executive Command level, EOP, COOP, All Hazards, creation, development, and implementation by experienced staff.

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